[MBDyn-users] Output time period in *.log

Pierangelo Masarati masarati at aero.polimi.it
Wed Feb 16 15:23:29 CET 2011

Jens.vanSchelve at Emerson.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Why does only the output frequency appear in the *.log file but NOT
> start and end time of the output?

Because that field in the log file was defined well before the output 
meter became available.

> Or is this information stored somewhere else in the output files and I
> just have overlooked it?


> Would be nice to have this information for post-processing. Ok, one
> could parse the input file, but thats not very elegant.
> Example: By using the output meter one can define start time, end time
> and time steps of the mbdyn output. E.g.
> output meter: meter, 10., forever, steps, 2;
> Which will write only output (*.mov, *.jnt...) for every second time
> step starting from time=10.

The output meter in theory allows any type of drive caller, which means 
that we need to define a syntax that takes this into account.  Perhaps 
we could log the drive caller's definition.

You could also consider using NetCDF based output (not complete, but in 
some cases more detailed than regular output).

Cheers, p.

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