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Doug Baldwin doug at baldwintechnology.com
Thu May 27 03:47:47 CEST 2010



I'm using an "array" drive to add an "element" drive to a "streaming file
drive.  The code segment is as follows.


Array, 2,

   File, 0, 1,

   Element 5, joint, string, "vx",

      Linear, 0.0, -0.1;


The joint is a "viscous body", and the element drive acts as a damping
feedback loop.  This all works well.  My questions are as follows:


a)  At time-step N, I assume the "element" drive updates its "vx" value to
be the resultant from time-step N-1.  Yes?

b)  I assume the "element" value "vx" is identical to the value in the *.mov
file for timestep N-1, rotated by the rotation matrix for N-1.  Yes?

c)  The streaming file driver is specified to update every 33 steps.  Does
the Array drive update every time-step, even though one of the drives in the
array updates every 33 steps?  Or, does the "array" drive retain its value
for 33 time-steps until the streaming file drive updates?


Thank you,


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