[MBDyn-users] Scalar function drive

Romuald NORET romuald.noret at cdr.hutchinson.fr
Mon Feb 15 15:09:37 CET 2010


I am trying to use scalar function drive (type multilinear), but something 
is wrong in my input file. To summarize, I would like to use a scalar 
function drive to define a coefficient (y) wihch depends of another (x):
x       y
1       0.5
10      0.7
100     1.0
so I would like to use after "y(40)" which will return automatically 
"0.8", something like : "set: real MY_VALUE = MY_FUNCTION(40);"
To define the driver, I wrote :

scalar function: 
        1, 0.5,
        10, 0.7,
        100, 1.0;

I read into input manual that the scalar function drive seems could do 
that, but I didn't find  how to translate "MY_FUNCTION(40)" into MBDyn 
langage. I am sure it is very simple, but I didn't find how, could you 
give me a little bit of help?

Best regards,
Romuald Noret
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