[MBDyn-users] Acceleration output

Romuald NORET romuald.noret at cdr.hutchinson.fr
Tue Feb 2 17:58:10 CET 2010


I think I found a bug into MBDyn nodes output printing when I monitor an 
acceleration degree of freedom. I have to notice I still use MBDyn 1.3.7 
and may be it has been already solved.
You can find an example enclosed to this mail : 1 node with only 1 degree 
of freedom (displacement along axis 1) has a "linear acceleration" joint. 
When I run the simulation :

-  with a ridig boby attached to this node : the acceleration is printed 
as I excepted into the mov file.

-  without a rigid body attached to this node : all accelerations dof have 
a "0" value. But if I compute accelerations devirating the velocity 
(acc[i] = ( v[i+1] - v[i] ) / ( t[i+1] - t[i] ), indeed I find the 
acceleration I inputed with the joint.

Best regards,
Romuald Noret

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