[MBDyn-users] Unknow error

alessandro.fumagalli at polimi.it alessandro.fumagalli at polimi.it
Fri Aug 28 10:52:39 CEST 2009


> I am working on a beam with many nodes  to describe geometries, sections
> and properties. But I have an unknow error when I run MBDyn. I simplified
> the model until using one beam and I still have the same error. You can
> find enclosed input file, "test" is the main input file who calls others
> files.
> I couuld understand the origin of the error "An error occurred during the
> execution of MBDyn; aborting ...". How can I understand it?

Maybe it is my ignorance, but to me error seems in the beam element  

# beam
         beam3: BEAM_ZONE0,
                 NODE_P1, null,
                 NODE_P0_P1, null,
                 NODE_P0, null,
                 reference, REF_P0_P1, eye,
                         6, linear elastic generic, diag,
                         7.6e+2, 2.46e+2, 2.46e+2,
                         6.4e+3, 2.29e+3, 1.62e+3;

what is the statement < reference, "iso", 6, > referred to? Try  
removing the line and, please, report. The input of a beam element  
requires the definition of the constitutive law immediately after the  
first the declaration of the section orienatation matrix.

> I had another problem with the full file : when I compute variable with
> other variables, the computed value isn't what I excepted but I couldn't
> reproduce this phenomenon on this test file.

What version of mbdyn are you using? This problem is probably related  
to a previous bug in the math parser. This should not happen with  
newer versions, surely it is fixed in the latest release (1.3.9).

> Thanks in advance.

Hope this helps.


> Best regards,
> Romuald Noret

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