[MBDyn-users] installation problem

masarati at aero.polimi.it masarati at aero.polimi.it
Wed Aug 5 23:39:35 CEST 2009

> Thank you again for your help,

You're supposed to reply to mbdyn-users at mbdyn.org,
not mbdyn-users-request at mbdyn.org

> I typed ./configure --with-g2c=no --with-libf2c=g2c
> But, the terminal gives an error:
> 'configure: error: Could not locate f2c library'
> And when I type 'make' then,
> It gives message like
> 'make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.'

Running "make" when configure fails is moot.  Apparently, your system is
lacking a system library, libg2c, which is supposed to be present when gcc
is installed.  I see from your config.log that you're using gcc 4.1.2 on a
x86_64 RedHat system, which (apart from 64bit) is identical to mine, so I
suspect your compiler installation is incomplete.  On my system that
library is provided by the package "compat-libf2c"; can you install it?

Another option would be to use gfortran instead of g77; for this purpose,
you need to define F77=gfortran before running configure.

Cheers, p.

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